Saturday, July 15, 2006

Investing offshore means taking on investment strategies that cash in the investment advantages that are available outside the investor’s home country. Therefore, offshore investments are investments made outside the local jurisdiction. They are most often made in tax havens that are less regulated than the local jurisdiction and business legislation.
Offshore investments are some of the most tax efficient investments. They can help you multiply your assets by making your money work hard for you while you enjoy the luxuries the offshore investment returns buy for you. Reputable offshore companies offer fiscally sound, time-tested and legal bond and equity assets. These investments give benefits like:
Tax Reduction: There are countries that favor foreign investors. Thus, they give tax incentives to the investors. They have favorable tax rates and promote a healthy investment environment. The investors do not engage in local operations, so little or no tax is imposed on them.
Asset Protection: Offshore investment locations can give you good opportunity for restructuring assets ownership. If you are hassled by lawsuits or lenders foreclosing on outstanding debts then you can transfer some of your assets to an offshore entity.
Confidentiality – Offshore investments could also mean benefit of secrecy legislation. For example you can enjoy banking confidentiality and corporate confidentiality. However, this confidentiality does not mean that offshore investors have an illegal background. They are usually high profile investors who can get significant financial and legal advantage if their identity is kept secret.
Diversification of Investment – By investing offshore you can diversify your investment portfolio to a great extent. The offshore investment market may offer better and more diverse investment opportunities that local investment markets. This is especially true if you invest in developing economies and more so for those countries that are beginning to privatize sectors that were formerly under government control.
Offshore investments can help you defer the taxes. They give you a secured financial future with the added advantage of anonymity. You may invest in real estate offshore and make gold out of dirt. Likewise there are many investment avenues open for you offshore.
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